Perscription Refills Policy

Medication Refills
When requesting a prescription for a medication we have not previously prescribed for you, an appointment with your provider will be necessary to ensure your safety.
If you have prescriptions that need to be refilled, please contact your pharmacy so they can fax the refill request if necessary. The written process helps to insure that there is no miscommunication regarding your medications.

If your provider feels that your medicine should not be refilled, your pharmacist or physician will explain the reason to you.

Occasionally your pharmacist may not be able to reach your physician immediately. Please allow 24 -72 hours for a refill to be approved. We recommend you call at least one week ahead of time to insure that you don’t run out of your medication.

If you have an appointment to discuss your medications, please bring them to your appointment. Also bring a list of other medications and dosages you are taking so your provider can review them with you and update your medication sheet.