About Us

The people employed at The Women’s Clinic of Vancouver, P.S. go about their daily tasks with the common focus that patient care is the reason we are employed here.

Our mission: The Women’s Clinic of Vancouver, P.S. is dedicated to providing excellent women’s health care, delivered with respect, courtesy, and compassion.

Our objectives or vision: We strive to make a positive contribution to the health of our patients. In offering excellent treatment of their illnesses, and preventative care, we will attempt to keep our patients as healthy as we possibly can. We will try to keep them informed about their health status, as well as recognizing that they need to be aware of their financial obligations as they receive care. Our perspective of current and future health care for women involves communication on all fronts. By learning to better communicate with our patients, ourselves, insurance carriers, and other entities for whom we request patient services, we will work toward continually improving our patient care services and become known for premier quality in women’s health care.

Our values: To support our mission and objectives, we try to maintain a discipline in the clinic that allows for creativity. Patient focus has to be of the utmost priority without forgetting our internal customers. We try to continually improve our quality of care by setting goals for ourselves, taking pride in our work, doing it right the first time, and by continuously learning, developing, and working toward our goals. It is never too often for us to remind ourselves of our need for respect, integrity, service, and excellence in the things we do for patients and for each other.